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Note: The episode "Inhuman Nature" was shown out of chronological order and should come after "Ancient Future". The episode "White Rabbit" opens up with the Gulf of Tonkin incident on August 2, 1964 but it is a few weeks later after John visits his family and testifies to the Warren Commission when the rest of the episode takes place.

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Playa Las Gaviotas is almost always overshadowed by its sexier, tropical paradise neighbour; Las Teresitas. Las Teresitas might be man made with Saharan sand, but it’s probably the most stunning beach on the island; magnificent backdrop, golden sand, palms and calm crystal clear lagoon-like waters. However, if you prefer a more intimate setting where the only entry requirements are that you get your kit off, then bypass Las Teresitas and follow the road east to this small black sand nudist beach at the foot of the Anaga Massif.

 · For the first time ever, astronomers have been able to observe and measure the orbital motion between two supermassive black holes hundreds of …

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Bolle Gregmar reports that the "dots" over letters are known as "diacritics", and that the word "umlaut" actually refers to the letter 'u' with a diacritic over it. He also reports that Allen Lanier may have originally suggested the use of the umlaut in BOC's name.

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In the hands of his successor, Ignacio Cervantes Kawanagh, the piano idiom related to the contradanza achieved even greater sophistication. Cervantes was called by Aaron Copland a "Cuban Chopin " because of his Chopinesque piano compositions. Cervantes' reputation today rests almost solely upon his famous forty-one Danzas Cubanas , which Carpentier said, "...occupy the place that the Norwegian Dances of Grieg or the Slavic Dances of Dvořák occupy in the musics of their respective countries". Cervantes' never-finished opera, Maledetto , is forgotten. [8]

Los Beatles SocorroLos Beatles SocorroLos Beatles SocorroLos Beatles Socorro