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 · Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one. - Confucius Photo: Fotografiert von Mario Sarto There's no denying that diamonds are a traditional ...

V Diamonds is redefining diamond investing by using blockchain technology. We believe anyone should have the opportunity to be an owner and investor in unique blue diamonds and celebrity jewellery creations, that have consistently outperformed the standard diamond market in value appreciation. Participating in our Initial Coin Offerings done for each high-jewellery creation individually, our clients can select which diamond they want to own, and how much they want to invest.

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Through studies of carbon isotope ratios (similar to the methodology used in carbon dating , except with the stable isotopes C-12 and C-13 ), it has been shown that the carbon found in diamonds comes from both inorganic and organic sources. Some diamonds, known as harzburgitic , are formed from inorganic carbon originally found deep in the Earth's mantle. In contrast, eclogitic diamonds contain organic carbon from organic detritus that has been pushed down from the surface of the Earth's crust through subduction (see plate tectonics ) before transforming into diamond. These two different source of carbon have measurably different 13 C: 12 C ratios. Diamonds that have come to the Earth's surface are generally quite old, ranging from under 1  billion to  billion years old. This is 22% to 73% of the age of the Earth . [13]

Dave Mosher, currently the online director at Popular Science, writes about everything in the science and technology realm, including NASA's robotic spaceflight programs and wacky physics mysteries. He has written for several news outlets in addition to Live Science and , including: , National Geographic News, Scientific American, Simons Foundation and Discover Magazine. When not crafting science-y sentences, Dave dabbles in photography, bikes New York City streets, wrestles with his dog and runs science experiments with his nieces and nephews.

High Class Diamonds On The Beat With The DiamondsHigh Class Diamonds On The Beat With The DiamondsHigh Class Diamonds On The Beat With The DiamondsHigh Class Diamonds On The Beat With The Diamonds