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"collection of things," mid-15c., from Old French sette "sequence," variant of secte "religious community," from Medieval Latin secta "retinue," from Latin secta "a following" (see sect ). "[I]n subsequent developments of meaning influenced by SET v .1 and apprehended as equivalent to 'number set together'" [OED]. The noun set was in Middle English, but only in the sense of "religious sect" (late 14c.), which likely is the direct source of some modern meanings, . "group of persons with shared status, habits, etc." (1680s).

Meaning "complete collection of pieces" is from 1680s. Meaning "group of pieces musicians perform at a club during 45 minutes" (more or less) is from , though it is found in a similar sense in 1580s. Set piece is from 1846 as "grouping of people in a work of visual art;" from 1932 in reference to literary works.

Robert-Bourassa dam is as tall as a 53-storey building. That's a lot taller than the skyscraper at 1 Place Ville-Marie in MontrĂ©al, which only has 43 storeys. And what a view!

Robert French Set Me FreeRobert French Set Me FreeRobert French Set Me FreeRobert French Set Me Free