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Along with Fannie Mae , this mortgage finance giant was virtually nationalized in 2012. But since the tumultuous years of the global financial crisis of 2008-9, the company has found more stable footing. In 2016 it saw revenue increases thanks to a stable housing market and guarantee fees, paying billions back to taxpayers. (In fact, Fannie and Freddie have now paid back Uncle Sam back billions more than it cost to bail them out.) Going forward, the Trump administration has said it wants to liberate the companies from government control, but exactly how that complicated process would play out is still far from clear.

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Little is known of Lieutenant Fred Hutchins, who piloted the P-51 represented in this model airplane. Records show that he had at least one victory against a German Bf 109 on July 26, 1944 and was a member of 302nd fighter squadron.

Some 30 years later, in an effort to get the expense of Fannie off the official government books, Fannie was made quasi-private, with mostly implicit government support. In 1968, Congress gave Fannie a special federal charter and allowed it to sell shares to the public. Congress also furnished Fannie a line of credit for $2 billion from the Treasury Department. In 1970, Congress created another GSE, a “little brother” to compete with Fannie called Freddie Mac. Freddie also had a $2 billion line of credit with the Treasury Department.

Nashboro opened another subsidiary called Mankind in 1971, one that was intended to release deep Southern soul in the vein of FAME. Jerry Williams, Jr. -- who'd later become known as Swamp Dogg -- co-wrote "She's All I Got," which was North 's first release on Nashboro. He finally had a hit with "She's All I Got," reaching ten on Billboard's R&B chart and 39 on its Hot 100. A full album called Friend followed, featuring the single "You and Me Together Forever." Peaking at 26 R&B, it would turn out to be the last hit North would have. He returned to producing his records in 1973 and recorded steadily for Mankind until 1977, never having success. Nashboro ceased operations in 1979, and by that point North had retired from secular music. Reviving his birth name of Freddie Carpenter , he joined the ministry, working at Nashville's Edmondson Chapel MB Church before eventually settling in as the pastor of East St. Louis' Bethel MB Church in 2001. North remained a recluse, as did his music, with Ace releasing What Are You Doing to Me: The Complete A-Bet Recordings Plus in 2017, late into the digital era. In addition to putting North 's recordings into circulation, the CD contained notes by Tony Rounce that filled in previously hard-to-find biographical details on Freddie North .

Freddie North The Magnetic NorthFreddie North The Magnetic NorthFreddie North The Magnetic NorthFreddie North The Magnetic North