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This series started out in 1990 as Super Hits, with each issue having a cartoonish photo/drawing as cover art. There were 20 volumes in the original Super Hits series. In 1995, the series was renamed AM Gold . The first four volumes were reissued using the new series title and a modified version of the cover art work from SUD-05, but that was soon replaced with a second AM Gold cover design that featured a gold record. The Super Hits series used the SUD- prefix, while the AM Gold series used the AM1- prefix. In the late 1990s, the AM1- prefix was replaced with the R834- prefix, but the volumes continued as before. Two AM Gold budget box sets were introduced in the late 1990s, with 12 tracks instead of the usual 18-24. These were meant for retail sales, unlike the normal subscription CDs.

The January, 2000, issue of Time-Life's Music News announced the retail box set AM Gold II , the second of the 3-CD box sets culled from the AM Gold series.

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Gino Everybodys ChicGino Everybodys ChicGino Everybodys ChicGino Everybodys Chic