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That hands-on approach has been key to Brito’s track record of smoothly integrating some 200 beer brands from around the globe into the AB InBev portfolio. The 2008 combination of InBev, with $ billion in sales, and Anheuser-Busch, the St. Louis-based maker of Budweiser, transformed the industry and created the world’s largest beermaker, with $40 billion in revenue last year and about $160 billion in market value. More impressive is its profitability. When Brito bought Anheuser-Busch, analysts knew there would be obvious targets for initial cost cutting. In fact, he’s continued to expand margins: Last year’s income of $ billion before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization represented a 39% margin, up from 31% in 2008. (Rival SABMiller last year reported an Ebitda margin of 23%.) “They are a profit- and margin-generating machine,” says Harry Schuhmacher, editor of trade publication Beer Business Daily . “Nobody can touch them.”

Award-winning executive coach and career strategist Elizabeth Koraca shares advice for starting achieving your goals in the New Year.

Don Carlos Just A Passing GlanceDon Carlos Just A Passing GlanceDon Carlos Just A Passing GlanceDon Carlos Just A Passing Glance