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Before 1914, a cycling track ran around the perimeter of the pitch where regular cycling meetings were hosted as well as athletic events . Aside from football-related uses, the stadium has seen various concerts staged along with other sporting events including boxing matches and international rugby league and rugby union matches. In 1999, the last ever final of the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup took place at Villa Park. Villa Park also hosted the 2012 FA Community Shield , as Wembley Stadium was in use for the final of the Olympic football tournament . [3]

Most proposals should include the following:

• title and subtitle

• names and affiliations of all authors/editors/contributors and CVs for authors/editors

• overview of the project (from a few paragraphs to a few pages)

• table of contents with a short description of each chapter

• your sense of the primary audience—., academics, graduate or undergraduate students, the general public (if the book is intended for classroom adoption, please list the courses for which you think it would be most appropriate)

• paragraph describing what makes you the right author for this project

• any sample material you can provide, up to and including the complete manuscript

• assessment of how much material has been or will be published/reprinted elsewhere

• projected word count and number of photos, tables, graphs, etc.

• brief descriptions of competing or comparable books (comparable is a key word here—even if there are no directly competing books, books on similar topics are important reference points in our decision-making process)

• status of the manuscript and timeline for completion

• statement about whether the project is being sent to other publishers for review

Simon Park ParabolaSimon Park ParabolaSimon Park ParabolaSimon Park Parabola