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Several of Foster's songs have alternate titles which are included in the "Title" column along with the original title. The original title is always given first.

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The title of the song was given to a film in 1997 , starring Bette Midler and Dennis Farina , where it was performed by Patrick Williams and by Louis Armstrong and Oscar Peterson . [1] [2]

However, we will look upon a Rome burning once again, and a Church apparently destroyed by those within, and by enemies without, but we must not fear because the Church is not the Pope’s, nor does it belong to Cardinals, Bishops, and priests, neither is it the domain of religious, and it does not belong to this shibboleth, “The People”, a notion that always sounds redolent of a Marxist viewpoint. The Church belongs to Christ. She is his bride, who at present looks like a Harlot, but Christ will clothe her again in his righteousness, his beauty, his glory, and his holiness. We should not be afraid, and how could we? For he so often sends his own Mother, Our Lady of Victories, to console us, and encourage us, and lead us in the great army that will, along with the great Heavenly Host, finally defeat Satan, his cohorts of devils, and all those who rebel against Christ and who will not serve him, and refuse to love him.

Although most of Meade's shorter work remains confined to the pages of magazines, examples may be found in the following anthologies:

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Sentimental Trumpet Sweet Disco ClassicsSentimental Trumpet Sweet Disco ClassicsSentimental Trumpet Sweet Disco ClassicsSentimental Trumpet Sweet Disco Classics