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Joseph's mother was deeply religious and in 1888 she managed to obtain him a place at the local church school. Despite his health problems, he made good progress at school and eventually won a free scholarship to the Tiflis Theological Seminary. While studying at the seminary he joined a secret organization called Messame Dassy. Members were supporters of Georgian independence from Russia. Some were also socialist revolutionaries and it was through the people he met in this organization that Stalin first came into contact with the ideas of Karl Marx .

Both were the product of unstable marriages: while Churchill’s mother allegedly got through 200 lovers, Clementine’s blue‑blooded mama, Lady Blanche Hozier, kept a mere 10. The urbane consort who escorted Blanche to Winston and Clementine’s wedding in 1908 was Lord Redesdale, Blanche’s brother-in-law. It seemed to bother no one that he was acting as both uncle and father of the bride. That upper‑class carelessness about sex, which would resurface in the Churchills’ horribly spoilt son Randolph, was touchingly absent within their own marriage. A marriage born of two broken ones is frequently stormy – Winston fondly described an enraged Clemmie as “a jaguar dropping out of a tree” – but this one was rarely (quite possibly never) unfaithful. Separate bedrooms – he in a military cabin, she in a gloriously dolled-up bower at Chartwell, the house she never ceased to detest – bespoke respectful partnership, rather than clandestine affairs. The purchase of Chartwell – a bewitched Winston bought it behind his wife’s back and nearly ruined them with its eye-watering upkeep – was one of the few battles that Clementine failed to win.

Churchill The Fool In MeChurchill The Fool In MeChurchill The Fool In MeChurchill The Fool In Me