Various iema collective tape 6 -

  • - Last Bull Moose - Friday, Dec 1, 17 @ 5:33 am: Governor Rauner is like the dog in the Republican manager. He can’t win the general election and won’t let any credible candidate compete. (Ives is not credible as a general election candidate. )

    The coalition of partners (the signatories whose logos appear on the Charter) commit to seek opportunities to uphold, preserve and promote the right of freedom in the United Kingdom’s Construction Industry:

    On 4 October 2005, Hurricane Stan, a Category 1 hurricane, struck Guatemala's Pacific coastal region, sending winds of 128 km/h (80 mi/h) along the coast below Guatemala City. The disaster caused landslides and mudslides, which destroyed many towns. Villages near the popular tourist area of Lake Atitl á n suffered damage. Almost 1,000 died and hundreds lost their homes.

    Ken started to explore electronic music in the mid 70’s along-side working in various ... and released a series of 7 IEMA Collective /Group Compilation-Tapes ...